Florian Schommer


Hopfenspuk is a smooth liqur which is based on Inda Pale Ale hops. It was produced in june 2020 by the german craft beer brewery Hensen and is stricly limited to a run of 160 bottles.

Botanical Roasters

Logo and Label Design for an american coffee company named "Botanical Roasters.


East Of Eden Pt. 2

East of Eden Pt.2 is a series of illustrations which are based on my experiences of traveling and touring around the world. It's an on going free project which might end up in a series of prints.

Smart Home

Editorial design and illustration for the German magazine "Der Spiegel Wissen", which is a monothematic magazine serial. The special feature consists of three articles about our digital homes and how this will influence our society in the future.

This job was done in collaboration with Patrick Mariathasan and Lynn Dohrmann.

Worlds Unknown

Album design for the German hardcore-punk band AYS. The record was released by End Hits Records in early 2017. Most of the lyrics were written on their Asia tour, so it made sense to take this as a base for the album concept.

I took a handful stories the band had experienced on their previous tours and visualized them in an abstract way. The pre-order, which was limited to 200 pieces, came with a special AYS fortune cookie.

*Product photos by Hannes M. Meier assisted by Stefan Hoeferlin

WM Plan

Double Page Illustration for "Sueddeutsche Zeitung".

This Illustration was used as a match schedule for the football World Cup 2018 in Russia.

New York Memoires

Lang lebe der Tod

Album design for the album "Lang lebe der Tod" by the German rapper and pop star Casper. The record was released in September 2017 by Columbia Records and went straight to No. 1 of the German album charts.

*Barbwire Photo by Christoph Voy
*Original Casper Logo by Hassan Haider
*Product photo by Hannes M. Meier assisted by Stefan Hoeferlin

Penguin Classics

Series of Bookcover for Vladimir Sorokin which were published by Penguin Modern Classics.

Swatch Powder Challenge

In 2016 Swatch presented the Freeride World Tour, the leading competition of ski and snowboard freeriding. We designed a retro acarde game to engage freeride lovers and beer enthusiasts from all around the world and gave them the change to beat the highscore of the 4 Swatch Proteam athletes Anne-Flor Marxer, Sam Anthamatten, Estelle Balet and Xavier De Le Rue.

Illustration & Design: Florian Schommer

CD: Burkhard Müller
Design: Benedikt Bockstecker
Development: Jona Hausig, Andras Debreczeni
PM: Andreas Schmidt
TPM: Malte Kottich

Brauerei Hensen

Re-design for the German based beer brewery Brauerei Hensen. These guys took over an old local brewery that was shut down years ago, and started to brew new beer.

Beside their own beers, Pilsner and Lager, they also offer different seasonal craft beers.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Absolventa Magazin

Cover Illustrations for "Deutschlands 100 beliebteste Arbeitgeber" released by Absolventa in coperation with Manager Magazin and Trendence

Reeperbahn Fest

Series of illustration for Landstreicher Booking. Landstreiched used these images to promote their artists at the Hamburg based "Reeperbahn Festival".

Das Kreative Haus

Hamburg-based agency deepblue networksunites a great variety of creative minds under a single roof. The challenge: How do we raise awareness for deepblue’s »Creative House« and motivate new talents to join their team? We visualized the Creative House by illustrating each of the eight letters of »D E E P B L U E« in an entertaining and distinctive way, inspired by the architectural design of the company’s building. We added tiny characters to every letter, which are all based on real stories of their employees. In this way each letter represents a department and shows fun animations of the everyday work.

Agency: Deepblue Networks - Creative Director: Burkhard Müller - Illustration: Florian Schommer - Characters: Benedikt Bockshecker - Animation: Juan, Claramunt, Thorben Ehlers, Leon Friedrich - Website: Franziska - Gertz Text: Svenja Eggers

Diktatur der Zeit

Editorial illustrations for the German based magazine "Der Spiegel Wissen", which is a monothematic magazine serial. This issue was released in August 2015. The illustrations were done for Gabriele Riedle's column "Die Diktatur der Zeit" in which the psychologist examines the pros and cons of stress in your daily routine.

ADC Experience

Series of Illustration for the Artdirectors Club Germany, which were made to promote different workshops.

Brew Dog Heroes


"Two peace signs" EP and "self titled" LP cover for the german based indie/pop band Leoniden. These records were released by Euphorie in late 2016 and early 2017.


Beer label design for Oide Brewery which is located in Munich, Germany. Oide is specialized on brewing "Alt" beer with a high portion of hops. This beer was sold in 2016 and was limited to a small amount of bottles.

Allstars '97

This project is an homage to the 1997 NBA season and the 47th NBA Allstar-Game which took place in Cleveland. This is an uncommercial project.

Der Spiegel

In 2017 our former design collective kjosk. was hired to do the anniversary book for the magazine “Der Spiegel”. My colleagues Patrick Mariathasan and Lynn Dorhmann did the editorial and cover design, while I was responsible for the illustrations which served as opening pages for each chapter.

Besides this work I also created a set of icons for the magazine to be used in their monthly publication. These icons stand for the special columns that are found at the end of the magazine.

Cincenatti Magazine

Folio Science Fiction Anthology

In this collection created exclusively for The Folio Society, legendary science-fiction writer Brian Aldiss selects and introduces a series of electrifying short stories (Voltaire, H.G. Wells and others).

The book was nominated for the British Book Design Award (best cover).

*Product photos by Hannes M. Meier assisted by Stefan Hoeferlin

The Economist

The Economist is a british news platform which is based in London. In 2016 they asked me to do some illustrations for two different columns about Hillary Clinton and another one about the impact of smartphones on women's lives around the world.

Computer Arts Magazine

Cover Illustration for the London based Design Magazine Computer Arts. Issue #240 "Promote Yourself".


BrewDog is a scotish beer brewery which was founded in Fraserburgh in 2007. They produce bottled and canned beers in a variety of styles such as ale, stout, inda pale ale and lager. The bottled beers are distributed to British supermarkets and exported worldwide.

In 2016 BrewDog asked me to do two designs for their special editions "self assembly pope" and "neon overlord".

A Gate At The Stairs

Cover Illustration for "A Gate At The Stairs" - a novel by american fiction writer Lorrie Moore. It was re-published by Faber & Faber in 2015.

The novel was a finalist for the "Pen/Faulkner" Award and the "Orange Price For Fiction"

Joy Is The Only Treat

Here's the cover-artwork for the album "Joy Is The Only Treat" by pop-punk band "Client" from Hannover, Germany.

The record is going to be released by the record labels "Street Survival Records" and "Evil Greed" in autumn 2014.

Zurück Zuhause Festival '17

Mantar Tourposter

Screenprint tourposter design for the german based metal band Mantar.


Art Director and Designer working within branding, illustration, editorial design, packaging design and contemporary art. Dividing his time between personal projects and working with a variety of international clients.

Florian performs his own recognizable style, while also being able to adapt to his customers’ preferences. Growing up in the skate & punk scene of the 90s, he later attended art college in Düsseldorf while constantly touring the world with a variety of bands. He's now living and working from Berlin and became a member of the german and european Art Directors Club in 2018.

Selected Clients

The Guardian
Blink 182
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Der Spiegel/Spiegel Wissen
Sony Music Entertainment
Jim Beam
The Economist
Columbia Records
Captain Morgan
Pearl Jam
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Sports Illustrated
San Diego State University
Penguin Classics
Kurppa Hosk
Bobbi Brown
Antilopen Gang
Feine Sahne Fischfilet
Live Nation
JP Morgan & Chase
Art Directors Club Germany
Napalm Death
Lamb Of God
Canadian Post
BrewDog Brewery
Brammibal Donuts
VSA Partners
Breckenridge Brewery
Arbor Skateboards
Design Bridge
Computer Arts Magazine
Jura Whisky
Stadt Düsseldorf
Faber & Faber
Beat The Rich!
Landstreicher Booking
Folio Society
Pixel Titans
Deutsch Inc
Deepblue Networks
Moin Motion
Zurück Zuhause Festival


2012 - Bachelor of Arts/Peter Behrens School of Arts/Düsseldorf
2016 - Member of the AOI
2018 - Member of the ADC
2019 - ADC Juror/Illustration
2019 - Member of the ADC*E
2020 - ADC Juror/Design


American Illustration 37 Winner
Red Dot Award
German Design Award
Illustrative Nominee
British Book Design Award
ADC Student Of The Year
ADC Gold
ADC Silver
ADC Bronze
ADC Audience Award
ADC *E Nominee
Annual Multimedia Award


Supersonic Art
Novum Magazin
Wired Magazine
Fonts In Use
Design Made In Germany
Computer Arts Magazine
Eye Magazine
Fast Company
Hey! Magazine


2020 - Adobe/Behance Talk
2019 - Talk at Mutabor/Hamburg
2019 - Talk at ADC Congress/Hamburg
2019 - ADC/Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe
2019 - The Coningsby Gallery/London
2015 - Illustrative/Berlin
2015 - ADC/Hamburg
2014 - Mort à Barbès/Paris
2014 - ADC/Hamburg
2014 - Über Release/Hamburg

Feel free to contact me anytime. Whether you need an estimate, have an inquiry or if you're just thinking out loud.


Florian Schommer
Eldenaer Straße 13
10247 Berlin

(+49) 151 - 51 201 455

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